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What is the thing, you cannot live without? Water, food or house, it is sure your answer might be like be this only, but have you ever think of a life without a mobile phone? Today with the growth in the users of the mobile phones, it has been found out that, for a large number of people there is no life without this gadget. So, when this device keeps so importance, in everyone’s life then why not choose any best network service provider? Out of "Big 5" of the UK mobile service provider, Orange is one of the leading mobile phone operators and an Internet service provider in the UK.

Created in the year 1994, Orange is used by France Telecom as a mobile network operator and an Internet service provider subsidiary. Being the 5th largest telecom operator in the world in 2010, this company is a major universal brand and an early player in the UK mobile network market. Orange arrived into the competitive UK mobile phone market in 1994 and in a very short time it becomes the favourite of all. With a single set goal of reaching on the top position in the United Kingdom, the brand has strived to make mobile communications as spontaneous and exciting as possible.

Reasons to choose Orange:
Now in the present scenario, Orange mobile network is counted among the best and credible service providers. It includes a great category of handsets including popular manufactures like Nokia, Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, LG etc. Along with these, it is designed especially to fulfil your music, camera and other sorts of entertainment need too.
  • Being an affordable mobile phone deal, you get a chance to select from your choice of mobile contract and deal.
  • Orange contract deals are best for those who desire for free gifts with mobile phones.
  • There's lot in orange's kitty for all types' users such as in special offers like Orange Wednesday's tickets, Pizza Express and Unlimited calls to your Magic Number.
  • Also providing internet data services, now it comes with the support of 3G services which enable the user to get high speed internet connectivity.
  • Providing handsets at affordable rates, budget users can also go for cheap contract phones at low rates.
  • Giving importance to the customers, it provide answers to customer's queries with providing customer services on their respective numbers, 07973 100 150.
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